If surviving lions don’t tell their stories, the hunters will get all the credit,”
• African proverb.

I am a filmmaker of color, whose work is driven by the need to tell positive and truthful stories about Black and Native Americans. I believe it is vital to the communities that I belong to that I represent them in a positive way. As a filmmaker of color, telling my own stories are necessary because my films address issues, attitudes and experiences specific to my people, and it is important to me that my films focus on positive representations, personal identity and cultural expressions.

In particular, most of my films deal with experiences in the Black communities ranging from engaging and uplifting portrayals of ordinary people to critiques of systematic racism and oppression.

As a documentary filmmaker and journalist, my style is eclectic. I try to make films that are personal to me, yet general enough for people to relate to my personal struggles and triumphs. One of my goals as an independent filmmaker is to continue to make films that are humorous, informational, socially impactful and inspirational. I want to make a difference not only to the communities to which I belong, but to everyone who is interested in positive change.

Jessica Scott

Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Journalist & Educator